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-PRO TOOLS Ultimate 2019 HD

     -This is the industry standard digital audio recording platform.  'Nuff said.  Pro Tools can import virtually any other file          type and work with it.   We have used Pro Tools for years, so we are fast and efficient with it (saves you $$$).   


     -We have EVERY Waves plugin.  Yup, all of 'em.  The entire Mercury bundle and the SSL and Abbey Road collections.

     -this collection alone can replace almost every  piece of analog signal processing ever made.

     -In addition to all of the effects, it includes GTR, a wonderful collection of guitar amp/effects emulations.


     -Long the grandfather of effects and the mainstay of hundreds of hit records for 4 decades.


     -Our favorites are Nectar for vocal processing and Ozone for precise mastering.  We have their Vinyl emulation, too, just            for fun. 

     -RX Advanced is the key to fixing almost any recording glitch.  This is forensic grade audio editing that can eliminate              the squeak of fingers sliding on guitar strings, the accidental thump of a finger hitting the top of an acoustic guitar, lip        smacks, etc.


     -Melodyne is the best pitch correction software.  Period.  "Auto Tune" is easy, but trashes a singer's style.  When used by          an engineer with excellent pitch perception (Alan), the singer's nuances are preserved, but no longer "pitchy".


     -The full collection of Pro Tools effects is pretty amazing itself. Much underrated.  Their tape emulation is dead-on.


     -This company makes "Air EQ", the best equalizer ever encountered.  It is pretty hard to describe how beautiful this                sounds. Lows are made rich and full.  The highs are given "air" that is never harsh or brittle.  Precision  "surgical" tonal        fixes are a breeze. 


     -Twin Tube, Transient Designer and Vitalizer are all very unique processors.  Twin Tube adds authentic harmonics that          emulate the sound of tubes beautifully.  Transient Designer brings out the snap of drums and Vitalizer is simply magic.

-We also have collections from BRAINWORX,  SOUND TOYS,  APHEX,  PSP,  AVOX  and many, others.  


We almost have TOO many effects choices!  Yet, they all have unique capabilities.  


"What about the machine running all of these programs?", you may ask...

Mac Pro with Dual 6-core Xeon 3.46 GHz processors and 128 GB of RAM.

Never breaks a sweat.



Virtual Instruments


     -Literally hundreds of instruments, meticulously sampled and totally believable when played by any MIDI instrument (we        have both MIDI keyboards and a MIDI guitar).  EVERY instrument from a symphony is included including solo and                    ensemble as well as ethnic instuments from around the planet.


     -Kind of like a light version of the East West program.  Several of the orchestral instruments are first rate.


     -Think a drum "machine" can't sound real?  Think again.  Many drummers have heard recordings of this and not been able        to tell if it was a real drummer or not.  It takes a little time, but with care, a completely believable drum track can be              created.  Dozens of different drums and styles to choose from.  We also have EZ Keys for easy piano parts.


     -This is the most highly acclaimed collection of piano emulations available.  Yes, we have a wonderful grand piano, but if            you are in a hurry or on a tight budget, this is great.  Steinway.  Yamaha.  Bosendorfer.  


     -Yamaha's largest and best grand, recorded at Abbey Road Studios.  Wow.  Ivory has competition.

-DB-33 and PSP L'rotary

     -Yeah, like with Ivory, we have a real Hammond and a real Leslie.  However, playing a real Hammond is an art form.               These programs make it possible for the un-initiated to play convincing B3 parts. 

-OMNISPHERE 2 by Spectrasonics

     -Hailed as the best software synth available.  If you can't find the sound you want with this, it probably doesn't exist.


     -Don't play upright bass (or electric bass), no problem.  You can play either now with any MIDI keyboard or MIDI guitar            (we have both here for you).  


     -This is the most realistic emulation of the Fender Rhodes and Wurtilizer pianos ever.  

-AIR makes a collection of spot on emulations, including:

     -Velvet:  Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer models at their 70's best

     -Strike:  hate click tracks?  It is much easier to record to a drummer who never misses a beat.

     -Transfuser, Hybrid, and Structure :  are very Arp-like synths for your electronic projects.


     -Quickly make your own blend of instruments (up to four at once)


     -Yup.  More synthesizers.  More choices.


     -Yet another synth with very unique sounds (not easily describable).


     -A spot-on emulation of a late 70's drum sequencer.  Wanna do retro?


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