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1930 Mason & Hamlin Model A Grand

Lawson MP47

tube mic

Do you need to ask?  '59 clone.

Lawson MP47

tube mic

1972 with original Celestion "greenbacks"

Lawson D32

Roland TD20

drum kit

Schoeps M-S stereo mics


Kemper Profiling Amp

True Systems

P2 preamps

Strat Plus Deluxe

MXL 4000

Hammon XK3 with 147 Leslie

AKG D112


Vintage AKG 451EB (two)

AKG 441


Yamaha CP33


Avalon bass preamp

Event Tria

Just a smattering of the goodies that you can use here...

Cascade ribbon mic

Furman headphone mixers

Earthworks OM1 stereo mics

Avid C|24 mixer and 16 x 16 HD I/O interface (two)

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