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Brad Hooper
Blues/Folk with an attitude.

In alphabetical order to avoid any appearance of favoritism (how P.C.) 
-A Certain Sound (Contemporary Christian) 
-Alan Hutchinson (Instrumental)
-Almost Absolute (Alternative Rock)
-Altertone (Rock)
-Andrea Caiani (Contemporary Christian) 
-Anna (Broadway Tony Award nominee) 
-Anna Shedd (Opera/Modern Pop) 
-Anno Daemonicus (Black Metal) 
-Autumn Burning (Alternative Rock)
-Avon (Commercial) 
-B.A.W.T. (Christian Rock) 
-The Bel-Airs (Oldies) 
-Bend in the River (Folk) 
-Beth Brainerd (Equestrian Kur)
-Bill Fuller (Country)
-Bill Shimumura (Folk) 
-Blue Willow Band (Pop/Top 40/Swing) 
-Bottle Rocket Kings (Ska) 
-Bouley and Secrest (Acoustic Alternative) 
-Brad Hooper (Acoustic Blues) 
-Brian Spear (Rock)
-Bridgton Christian & Missionary Alliance Church (Christmas Music) 
-Brotherhood Dogs, featuring Lisa Gallant-Seal (Acoustic Rock)

-Bus Stop Atheist (Musical Theater)
-Buy The Fire (Jingle) 
-Calais (Alternative Rock) 
-Carabia and Hancock (Classical) 
-Carlisle (Rock) 
-Cellar Dwellers (Rock) 
-Charlie Maddaus (Alternative)
-Cheyenne Allen (Country) 
-Chris Bannon (Christian Comtemporary)

-Christopher "CJ" Dooley (Rock)
-Chris Garneau (Christian Pop) 
-Christmas in a Small Town (Holiday tunes) 
-Cindy Kerr (Alternative)

-Cobblestones (Pop Rock) 

-Cold River Radio Show
-Coni Saindon (spoken word/voice over) 
-Craig Patterson (alternative) 
-Dail Martin (Native American Flute) 
-Damon Hyde (digital remastering-Pop) 
-Dan Moore (any and all keyboard styles) 
-Danielle Tran (Classical Piano) 
-Deb Roberts (Pop/Wedding tunes) 
-Debra Thomas (Christian contemporary)
-Don Chase (Folk-protest) 
-Don Peterson (Folk)
-The Donovans (Gospel)
-Doug Kastilahn (Voice over; ABC, National Geographic; Trailers)
-Drohm (Metal) 
-Ed Gabrielson (Folk/Spiritual) 
-Ed O'Brion (Contemporary Christian) 
-Elton Record (Country) 
-Emily Cramer (traditional) 

-Eric Radcliffe (Opera)
-Erica Rogoff (Classical)
-Erin Whelan (Classical) 
-Escape Wheel (Rock) 
-ES&P (Contemporary Christian) 
-Fay Christie (Christian folk)
-Flapjack Vikings (Rock) 
-The 50/50 Band (Alternative Rock) 
-Fragile Hearts Band (Contemporary Christian) 
-Fred Merrill (Gospel)
-Freedom Assault (Metal) 
-Friends of the King (Christian Folk) 
-Garajh Mahal (Rock) 
-Gavin & Jessica Smith 
-Gideon Brown (Alternative)
-Glad Tidings (Contemporary Christian) 
-Gola Wolf Richards (spoken word)
-Greater Purpose (Christian Contemporary)
-Greyloch (Celtic Rock) 
-Harrison Historical Society (Audio Restoration) 
-Heather Pierson (Neo-Classical/New Age) 
-Heebeegeebee's (Acapella) 
-The Hobohemians (Bluegrass) 
-Howard Allen and the Troubadours (Classic Country) 
-Jacque Clarke (American Folk) 
-Jeff Trippe (Southern-fried Folk/Bluegrass)

-Jim Mathison (Smooth Contemporary)
-Johannah Mackin (Contemporary Christian) 
-John Shefferstein (Folk) 
-Jonathan Sarty (Rock/Country)
-Heather Pierson (Alternative piano) 
-Hersh Advertising (jingles) 
-Hobohemians (Hoe-down!) 
-The Kanteles (Finnish Folk)
-Ken MacLeod (Alternative) 
-Kevin O'Reilly (Alternative) 
-Kim's Piano Studio students 
-Kristen Kerr (Broadway/Classical) 
-Kristen Short (Pop/soft rock) 
-Lacy Phillips (Contemporary Christian) 
-Lauren Blair and friends (Christmas tunes) 
-Laurie Turley (Alternative) 
-Lennie Breau (digital remastering--Jazz) 
-Lee Ellingwood (Gospel)
-Linda Dyer (Old School Gospel)
-Lindsey Montana (Rock/Pop) 
-Loose Connection (Country) 
-The Lunatic Fringe (Ska/Punk/Core)
-Maine Mountain Chamber Music 
-Maine Paraoptometric Association (Educational) 
-Marian Blair (Equestrian Kur) 
-Mark Howard (Classical Piano)
-Mark Miller Blues Band (Blues...duh!) 
-Mary Holt (Alternative) 
-Mary Murphy (Soft Pop/New Age) 
-Mary Hatch (Inspirational) 
-Melanie Lafrinea (Gospel)
-The Merrimanders (A Capella choir) 
-The Messengers of Hope (Gospel) 

-Miss Maybell & Slim Pickins (Vaudeville)
-Mo Blues (Blues...duh!)
-Morgan Hansen
-Mt. Abram Ski Resort (Jingle)

-The Bus Stop Atheist (theatrical musical)
-The Mutineers (contemporary bluegrass/folk) 
-Naho Bessho (Classical Piano)
-Natasha Faulkner (Alternative)
-Nathan Towne (Acoustic/Electric alternative) 
-Nealys Corner (Christian Rock) 
-North Atlantic Band (Modern Country) 
-One Less Lost (Christian Rock)
-Oxford Hills H.S. Vikettes and Viking Voices (Christmas) 
-Paid In Full (Christian Rock) 
-Peter, Ed & Sylvie (Christian Folk) 

-Peter Terry (Opera)
-Phil Burgess & Friends (Rock) 
-Phil DuBois (Christian contemporary)
-Prelude (Contemporary Christian) 
-The Record Family (Country) 
-Red Hush (Hard Rock) 
-Red Lights Rising (Christian Rock) 
-Rent-A-Husband (Commercial jingle) 
-Rev. Ken & Laurie Turley (Contemporary Christian) 
-Rick Hagerstrom (Illusionist) 
-Rockin' RoadRunners (Original Classic Rock&Roll) 
-Rogue Opus (Alternative Rock)

-Ron "Ronzoni" Bechard (Country Rock) 
-Ron Ishoy (songwriter) 
-Rusty Wiltjer (percussion) 
-Ryan Van Decker (Folk) 
-Santa Fe (Modern Country) 
-Sarah Kimball (Classical) 
-Sarah Montalvo (Christian Contemporary) 
-Sean McGowan (Jazz guitar)
-Sebago Long Lake Chamber Music Festival 
-Schroeder (Christian Punk) 
-Scott Davis (Folk) 
-Scott Briggs (80's Rock)

-Shark Martin (Alternative Rock)
-Shawn Pride (Hip Hop)
-Silent Witness (Metal/Core) 
-Skylark Jazz Ensemble 
-SlopChuteTraffic (Alternative Rock) 
-Sly Chi (Funky jazz) 

-Stephen Leighton (Rock/Theater)
-Steve Bertrand (Southern Gospel)
-Stream  (Reggae) 
-Stuart MacDonald (Folk/traditional)
-Sue Parent (Contemporary folk)
-Susan Eliason (Folk) 
-Sweet Adelines (female Barbershop) 
-Thom Hall (Pop) 
-Tim Hinkley (Hammond B3 specialist) 
-Tim Reed (Alternative Rock) 
-Travis Pinkham (Country rock)
-Tricia Smith (Audio Training CD's) 
-U-Turn (Christian Alternative Rock) 
-Vern Record (Country) 
-Waging War (Metal) 
-Walt Bannon (Christian Folk) 
-World Wrestling Federation (Jingle) 


"When Jesus Comes Again" from the musical theater production:
 The Bus Stop Atheist
which debuted at
Merrill Auditorium, 
Portland, Maine
in Sept. 2014
Cold River Radio Show
Recorded live by Baked Beans Recording to 32 Track Pro Tools

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